There are many reasons why I choose to make photographs. A desire to document life’s experiences, to artistically express myself, and to bring awareness to conservation issues are important influences on what I photograph and how I interpret it. If there is a unifying theme to my subjects it is their elemental mystery and beauty which I find appealing. It is this essence that I attempt to reveal in a sensitive and evocative style which hopefully stimulates a personal response from the viewer.

However, I suspect there is some more fundamental reason that I photograph. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by light and all its many nuances. The play of light across a landscape, the refracted light through a cresting wave, the ethereal reflected light from human skin, the catch light from a wild animal’s eye, and the Vermeer like chiaroscuro effect created by sunlight streaming through a window… all I find mesmerizing. Simply put, I am compelled by light.

Rusty Yates